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Toothunt is a simple game where you just need to get rid of all fairies and don't get killed by them.

Use a pencil as your wand! Point and hold to disintegrate fairies.
Each level (for now there are only 4 levels) unveils new types of fairies:
Green Fairies will heal you on bite and damage you if you disintegrate them
Blue Fairies are fast and strong disintegrate them first
Red Fairies explode destroying nearby fairies and damaging you if they're too close.

You can also use your Hands if they come too close to drive them away.

Game is all done and running, however missing some of it's funcionality which were planned at the begining.
Main thing is that there was supposed to be ability to draw gestrues with the wand to create a spell that will charge up your hand so you can cast it on the foes or on yourself (healing, wind blow, magic shield, speed, blinding cone etc.).
My brother and I started working on it about a month ago, so I think it came out pretty good as for 2 people.
There was no much time to balance the game properly either so sorry for that... and please let me know what you thing I should change in it.

All comments on the game and it's clumsiness, especially these negative ones, would be much appreciated as well as your ideas for future of the game.

Who knows, if there will be some interest in the game maybe we'll continue and come up with another version.

More open space version :)

Versions for iOS and Linux can be downloaded from here:


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Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tags3D, fairy, Leap Motion
InputsLeap Motion

Install instructions

Before using remember to turn on Tool Tracking option in Leap Motion Control Panel.

Use Pencil, stick or a pen without a tip - pointing with a rubber end or scriber end of a pencil won't work properly, better find one with blunt tip and equal width.


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